Privacy Policy

‘McMarvin’ is a product of McMarvin Private Limited hereafter referred to as McMarvin or ‘the company’ McMarvin is a platform that allows for colleges, students and companies to interact in a manner that streamlines the campus placements and hiring process. Towards providing the optimum experience of the abovementioned platform, McMarvin may collect certain information about the users on the website and the McMarvin services. Please read below the Privacy Policy of McMarvin that sets out the manner and terms of the treatment of the information so collected.

Information collected

McMarvin will be collecting the following Personal Information of the users at the time of signing up: Name, Title, E-mail address, Phone Number, Cookies, Physical Address, and optionally, photographs, audio, and video recordings of you, Institute Roll Number (if applicable), and Social Identity Numbers if applicable. McMarvin is committed to protecting your Personal Information and strives to maintain the privacy of all Personal Information that McMarvin will have access to. Personal information refers to any information from which your identity/the identity of a person is apparent or can be reasonably ascertained. All other data collected, such as transaction history, non-identity ascertainable profile details, etc. will be referred to as ‘Additional Information’ Together the Personal Information as well as the Additional Information shall be referred to as the Information

Accessing and Updating User Information

The control of your Personal Information shall rest with you, the user, and you can access your relevant Personal Information, on record by accessing your ‘Profile’ section. If the information so linked to your profile is incorrect, you may update the information at the earliest. This can be done by editing your Profile information or sending an e-mail to

Utilisation of the Information

The Information collected will be used for the following purposes:
To verify your identity on the platform
For internal data analysis and marketing operations
To showcase to potential employers and McMarvin customers, for their recruitment process
To enable potential employers to conduct recruitment marketing operations
To enable your college/university placement cell to provide you assistance with your placements
To showcase to university, or students, or employers, as relevant, to provide them enhanced experience under specific scope of services
Ensure adherence to legal and regulatory requirements for prevention and detection of frauds and crimes amongst others

Disclosure of Information

Internal Use: McMarvin and its employees may utilise the Information for the purposes of provision of services towards its Customers Use by College Placement Cells: McMarvin may provide access to student information to college placement cell officers to enable them to provide placement assistance to students. Protection of such information will be the liability of the placement cell officer who is accessing the information, and in case of a objectionable disclosure of information, placement officer will be liable Government agencies: McMarvin may share any and all parts of the Information with Government agencies, administrative bodies, authorised law enforcement agencies, court, regulatory/governmental authority or any other organisation, individual or entity for the following reasons:

Verification of identity

Prevention, detection, investigation including but not limited to cyber incidents, prosecution and punishment of offences
To comply with applicable law, order, regulation, or government request
To enforce applicable Terms of Service, including investigation of potential violation.
To detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud, security or technical issues
For any other purpose as required by law, judicial or administrative order or regulation.

Security Practices and Procedures

Internal access to the Information is on a need-only basis. Further, employees and personnel of McMarvin are bound by Code of Conduct and Confidentiality Policies which obligate them to protect the confidentiality of the Information.

Best efforts will be taken to ensure that the third parties to whom the Information is shared to enable McMarvin to provide its services are also bound by the Privacy Confidentiality Policy that the company abides by. They are further obligated to maintain reasonable level of security practices and procedures in accordance with applicable law to ensure security of the Information

The Information shall be retained for as long as is required to provide the services to you, or as may be required for internal operations or as may be required by law. You can choose to permanetly delete your Personal Information at any point of time