McMarvin Vision Imaging for Covid-19


(McMarvin Vision Imaging for Covid-19)

McMarvin researchers are continuously exploring the possibilities to battle COVID-19 and have built an AI solution to diagnose COVID-19 suspects using the classification & segmentation techniques of medical imaging. Our team members in Europe interacted with doctors/radiologists and understood the procedure of medical imaging findings to detect COVID-19 suspects in CT scans.

Our solution "M-VIC19" helps doctors/radiologists to screen suspects/patients and prioritize those likely to be infected by the Novel Coronavirus.


Features in M-VIC19

McMarvin launches an AI-based platform to battle COVID-19 which can screen the suspects within seconds using CT scans built using deep neural networks.

● Screening of suspects within seconds using CT scans
● Automated segmentation of the infected areas inside CT scans
● Real-time analytics dashboard for patients’ data analysis
● Centralized database for storing and tracking the records of suspects
● DICOM Image Viewer and Converter to support several formats

Components of our solution:

AI-based Diagnosis using CT Scans :

Our team collected data from around 700+ suspects/patients and validated & labeled the data under the guidance of medical imaging analysts and radiologists.

Our AI model is developed using the state-of-the-art deep learning and computer vision algorithms.

The platform can also segment the infected areas inside a CT scan caused by the Novel Coronavirus.

Smart analytics Dashboard:

The platform has an inbuilt smart analytics dashboard for suspects data analysis. It gets updated in real-time after every time a suspect gets screened.

The visual representation of data keeps the crucial statistics and counting.

Centralized Database:

Our solution also has a centralized database to keep the record of each and every suspect.

● Check the suspect’s details by unique ID.
● Monitor continuous detection by uploading a CT scan over a few days routinely.
● The data will be released under the guidelines of “Data Privacy”.
● Search “suspects” by several features like hospitals, dates, results, districts, etc.

Key Feautures


On-premise and cloud-based solutions for seamless integration into workflow


Fit for all kind of hospitals/screening centers


Assured security to the patients’ data and business