Artificial intelligence could be one of humanity’s most useful inventions. We research and build safe AI systems in the healthcare domain that learn how to solve problems and advance scientific discovery for all.

About McMarvin :

We’re a team of scientists, engineers, machine learning experts, and entrepreneurs, working together to advance the state of the art in artificial intelligence. We use our technologies for widespread public benefits and scientific discoveries and collaborate with like-minded organizations or individuals on critical challenges.

Uncovering new knowledge : McMarvin™

We’ve always been fascinated by intelligence. It’s what gives us the ability to solve problems, find creative ideas, and make the scientific breakthroughs that built the world we live in today.

So many discoveries await us, and so many challenges to our wellbeing and environment are yet to be solved. Like the Hubble telescope that helps us see deeper into space, we aim to build advanced AI - sometimes known as Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) - to expand our knowledge and find new answers. By solving this one thing, we believe we could help people solve thousands of problems.

Research, Engineering, Science

McMarvin works across some of the most complex challenges in healthcare. Our research team is covering a range of disciplines, including neuroscience, medical imaging, computational drug design and patients’ data analytics using state-of-the-art deep learning and computer vision algorithms.

Global Teams and Strategic Partners

Our success depends on many teams joining together for a shared goal. No single discipline has all the answers needed to build AI, and we've found that many exciting new ideas come from dedicated collaboration between different fields. We are partnering with like-minded organizations that are working towards the same goal in healthcare industry.

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