Image Annotation

Best Image Annotation & Recognition Service with Pixel Perfection

Intelligent Image Annotation Services

Working with a focused approach and utilizing complex tools and technology, we offer unmatched image annotation services. With tools that work at pixel level, we augmented them using smart algorithms to carry out precise image annotation.

Adept with image processing tools and techniques, we carry out:

Semantic segmentation,
Cuboids, polygons, 2D & 3D bounding boxes
Points and line annotation

Adding great value to business, we start with understanding the nature of the business and then carry out the picture annotation task. Whether you are from fashion, retail, e-commerce or the automobile industry, we ensure your product images are ready for computer vision.

Image Annotation Process

From tagging to sorting the objects in the image, we streamline the retrieval of your images images and make it easy for your audience to find them.

Working with a vast array of global clients, we have created a name in the marketplace that is trusted by industry leaders. Our set of excellent tools and technology makes us capable of handling numerous types of annotation techniques.

Why Image annotations Services are Important?

If we talk about Building a Artificial intelligence application using machine learning techniques, then first question arises in mind called Dataset. If your data is structured, clean and Labelled based, the your application will work perfect. Data annotation basically is the process of labelling the data. This data can be in any of the following forms like – images, text, audio, and video. It is well known that machine learning requires a huge amount of data samples to perform actions according to humans and act accordingly.

At McMarvin, we have dedicated resources that can fulfil your data annotation requirements for a range of data types be it images, text, voice or videos.

Why Trust McMarvin for Image Annotation Services?

We work with high-end technology solutions to deliver services that are affordable and tailored to meet your specific business.

To preserve the image quality:

  • Our process of annotating images makes use of high-end solutions that work precisely and accurately without compromising the quality of the image.

Data security:

  • Working in an NDA engagement model, your data is secure with us. We use secured channels to send and receive data between your team and ours, ensuring that images are not shared.

Time-honored deliveries:

  • With a team of highly skilled image annotation experts, we are well-equipped to handle bulk work with ensured accuracy and delivery.

McMarvin provides professional and dedicated services at a competitive price. We partner with a promise to fine tune your images so that they generate more revenue. We have worked with companies in multiple business domains and have partnered with them to deliver high-end services at affordable prices.

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Wide-ranging Technology for Image Recognition

Semantic Segmentation, Cuboids, Polygons, 2D & 3D Bounding Boxes, Points and Lines are the comprehensive tools used with latest API to annotate pictures correctly. The right tools and API is applicable as per the situation and industries of operations for best results.

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Why Image Annotation Tool and API is Useful?

Image annotation services offered with modern tools and suitable APIs offer great value for the business. It has multiple usages in different scenarios as per the business nature and mode of operations. It can create database from scratch, update database sheet objects, can combine various datasets and also helps in training dataset creation.

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Image Annotation Outsourcing with McMarvin for Accurate Labeling

Product annotation and tagging of pictures are becoming an integral part of the organizations operating in the industries like E-commerce, Retail, Automobile, and Fashion. The image recognition service is gaining popularity among various other fields where computer vision is playing an important role to mark the pictures in right coding or languages. McMarvin is an expert in image annotation service with the perfection in annotating the pictures using the right tools and techniques for labeling every image with the best quality.

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The Image Annotation Services by McMarvin

McMarvin is offering training data service to clients across the world over past many years with the significant presence in the marketplace to provide the best quality training datasets for various industries. We have can handle any kind of requirements in image annotation field. The image annotation services offered by us help our clients develop high-quality training data sets which can be used to train and optimize AI technologies and machine learning algorithms.

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Why McMarvin for Image Recognition Service?

McMarvin’s trained workforce helps annotate images using a series of manual processes and high-end technology software to offer a faster scale image annotation deep learning suite to build a high-quality dataset for computer vision models. We promise to help you to increase your capacities to get work done fast with improved efficiency.

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Trusted by Topnotch Companies with Long-Term Business Relationships

We have worked for best companies having most innovative and successful business models. We have helped them achieve new heights and through our quality service and high cost arbitrage.


Live Annotation Services for Text, Images and Videos

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2D Bounding Boxes

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Video Annotation
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Lines & Splines

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Semantic Segmentation

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Point & Landmark
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Text Annotation

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Wide-ranging Technology for Image Recognition

NLP Annotation Services for AI-Driven Machine Learning

Natural language processing into machines is not possible without extracting the meaningful words from the texts. NLP annotation helps machines learning acquire only the useful words from the sentence and make it understandable for AI word. McMarvin offers natural language annotation services for machine learning with finest level of accuracy.

Why NLP Annotation is Important?

  • Machines can learn from written texts, videos or audio processing the crucial information from such data sets supplied for training data companies using the most suitable techniques in NLP annotation services. And accurate annotation on data helps machine learning algorithms learn efficiently and effectively to give the accurate results.

Improve the Sentence-Level Performance

  • Tagging the key phrases, concepts and names is decisive for the NLP algorithms to understand the true meaning of the string of words. We help you to improve the sentence-level performance by labeling the key phrases with right tagging, labeling and keynotes making it clear for computer vision in machine learning and AI model developments.

Better Speech Recognition for Machines

  • AI capabilities can be transformed at new level if languages used to train the machine learning model can get annotated words from the NLP datasets. Natural language annotation method easily generalizes to the indexing and retrieval of various information, whether or not it is based on text helping to identify the textual representation of speech.

Text Classification and Sentiment Analysis

  • Annotating text to categorize the data from articles and detecting the spam from emails NLP annotation will work for you. Similarly, giving footnotes to comments on social media for knowing the sentiments and emotions of people through such online platforms. McMarvin offers NLP text annotation for sentiment analysis with accurate results.

World-class NLP Annotation Services McMarvin

  • Precise and sensible machine learning model development for AI evolution need a mechanism that can allow to bridge the gap between natural language sentences analysis and appetite for processing huge amounts of natural language text. McMarvin endeavors for AI companies to bridge this gap by employing natural language processing annotation solution for wide-ranging needs like speech recognition, sentiment analysis, virtual assistance and chatbots.

Live Annotation Services for Text, Images and Videos

Time Sensitive Annotation Services

  • Machine learning developers working on complicated models with high throughput data requirements can use McMarvin’s live video annotation or live image annotation service. We have a team of highly skilled and dedicated annotators who can label all types and size of data including text, images and videos available in various formats.

  • Our team can develop a customized live annotation workflow to meet your data labeling requirements. Stream your raw data directly to McMarvin’s workforce that is working 24/7. The labeled data is sent back within a specific time frame. For some applications, we can offer turn-around times as low as 5 minutes! McMarvin offers stringent SLAs and tight turn arounds to meet your real-time annotation requirements.

Benefits of Live Annotation Services

  • High Throughput Labeling
  • Stringent SLAs
  • Super Fast Turnaround
  • Real-time Annotation
  • High Throughput Labeling
  • Dedicated Labeling Team
  • 24/7, 365 days Availability
  • Flexible Pricing Models
  • Scalable Annotation Services

ADAS Annotation and Data Labeling Services for Computer Vision

Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) is equipping cars and drivers with advance information and technology to make them become aware of the environment and handle potential situations in better way semi-autonomously. And McMarvin with ADAS Annotation is helping to train such applications recognize the various objects and situations to take quick and timely decisions automatically for safe driving.

Why ADAS for Controlled and Safe Driving?

  • Just like self-driving cars, ADAS also using the similar technology like radar, vision and combinations of various sensors including LIDAR to automatize dynamic driving tasks like steering, braking, and acceleration of vehicle for controlled and safe driving.

  • And to integrate these advance technologies, the ADAS needs labeled data to train the algorithm to detect the various objects and moments of driver. Image annotation is one the well-known service to create such training data for computer vision.

ADAS Annotation for Object Detection

  • For ADAS object detection and human facial recognition or body moment detection you need high-quality labeled data. Various types of image annotation techniques like bounding boxes, polygons and semantic segmentation used to create such images.

    Just like autonomous vehicles, ADAS enabled cars are also capable to analyze the sensory data to distinguish between road and other objects like cars and pedestrians. McMarvin annotate the all types of objects visible on roads including path lane, street lights, sign boards, other vehicles, pedestrians and lane signs etc.