Team Introduction


Jakeer Hussain Shaik

Founder and Chairman

Jakeer Hussain Shaik is Founder, Chairman, and Strategist of McMarvin. McMarvin is a Healthcare Research and Development company working on several real-world problems. As a Chairman, he is responsible for providing the engine and strategies that help the core team to innovate and keep the company free of internal loads so they can think out-of-the-box to achieve the moonshots in healthcare technologies. With more than 10 years of entrepreneurial experience, he's obsessed with creating next-generation ideas that are absurdly useful and effective in the healthcare industry.

He is Global Child Rights Activist, He take pride in engaging in both humanitarian and technology-based approaches to community building as He committed to a life-long service based on personal and professional experiences. These brief but significant attributes have naturally inspired him to become a voice to the voiceless children and a beacon of hope to the hopeless children.

To eradicate some of the epidemics from society, He founded non-profit organisation CHILD CHAPTER ASSOCIATION (Building Happy Childhoods) He understand children’s needs, and respect their rights. He help children around the world grow strong, learn and survive.