Video Analytics Solutions for Government Security

As the central hubs of city, state, and national official activities, government buildings need the best state-of-the-art security systems to guarantee the smooth operations and safety of government officials, military personnels and civilians in the area. IronYun AI solutions help adding values to the existing security infrastructure with the best performance, most secure on-premise deployment and most easy-to-use user interface to provide real-time intelligence to the security teams.


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Surrounding Protection

Access to government facilities is restricted to only authorized government officials and personnels. A high-performance, high-accuracy system is required to ensure the safety of the facilities and prevent unwanted entrances, while maximizing the comfort of those it protects.

AI NVR Solutions
Face Recognition and Intrusion Detection:
The restricted-access areas of the government facilities can be monitored and protected using surveillance cameras with the applied AI Intrusion Detection and Face Recognition system. Once set up, unidentifiable invididuals (who are not pre-registered face database) who attempt to enter the restricted-access areas during certain hours will trigger an alert within 3 seconds, the notifications of which are sent to any staff member necessary and further trigger other access control measures.

Loitering Detection:
When a person loiters around government buildings or at the entrance for longer than a period of time, e.g., to attempt to tailgate, the loitering is detected and triggers a real-time alert to inform the security staff. The security staff can set up specific time thresholds for different loitering regions of interest to apply in different conditions.
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Watchlist Individual/Active Shooter Detection

Quick, high-accuracy detection of high-risk individuals that may threaten the safety of government officials.

AI NVR Solutions
License Plate Recognition:
Only registered vehicles (e.g., cars on white lists) can access the parking lot. Additionaly, when a vehicle on a watchlist (e.g., stolen car, wanted car) appears on or near the government property, the system will send real-time alerts to the security staff and/or police department.
Face Recognition:
Information including the face images of potential active shooters or dangerous suspects can be saved in a face database. As soon as they are spotted on camera and identified as a watchlist individual, AI NVR automatically sends the notifications and triggers the appropriate actions.
Gun Detection:
AI NVR supports the Weapon Model to recognize handgun and rifle to help preempting active shooting attempts. The government security staff and police can set alerts so that an individual carrying a gun will immediately trigger an audio alarm and other access control mechanisms such as gate lockdowns.

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Customized Government Projects

Depending on specific needs of the government projects, such as using Artificial Intelligence in defense and homeland security, AI NVR can employ additional AI models and integrate with any 3rd-party systems as necessary.

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