Video Analytics Solutions for Education & Schools

In learning institutions, the safety and security of students, faculty, guests, and administrators are of utmost importance. Video surveillance systems add a layer of protection to campuses to avert violence and other threats such as unauthorized visitors, inappropriate behaviors, or potential crimes on school grounds.


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Suspect/Active-Shooter Detection

School has become a target setting due to their large masses of both harmless and innocent people.

AI NVR Solutions
Face Recognition:
Enable access control so that only registered vehicles (e.g., cars on the white lists) can enter or park on campus. Additionally, when a vehicle on a watch list (e.g., stolen car, wanted car) appears on or near campus, AI NVR will send real-time alerts to the security staff and/or campus police department.

License Plate Recognition:
Face images and information of potential active shooters or dangerous suspects can be saved in a database. As soon as they are spotted on camera and identified as a watch list individual, AI NVR automatically sends the necessary notification and triggers the

Video Search:
AI NVR supports the Weapon Model to recognize handgun and rifle to help preempting active shooting attempts. Campus police can pre-set alert rules so that an individual carrying a gun will immediately trigger a gate lock-down, an audio alarm to evacuate, or other measures to maximize the safety of the staff and students.
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Surrounding Protection

There are several entrances around campus. It is difficult to monitor and prevent watch list individuals from entering a large college campus or strangers trying to pick up students from elementary schools, ensuring the safety of students, faculty, guests, and administrators at all times while respecting their privacy and not using intrusive methods.

AI NVR Solutions
Intrusion Detection:
Surveil the entrance for suspicious activity without physical gates and security guards. Administration offices, laboratories and other staff-only buildings can have alerts set up for intrusion detection and crowd detection.

Loitering Detection:
When a person loiters around certain buildings on campus or at the entrance for longer than a period of time, possibly to tailgate, the loitering is detected and triggers real-time alert to inform the security staff. The security staff can set up specific time thresholds for different loitering regions of interest to apply in different conditions.
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Access Control

Face Recognition:
Enable access control for staff-only areas.

Provide Immediate Help

Abnormality Detection:
Detect people/students falling down and provide immediate help.
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Parking Lot Management

License Plate Recogntion:
By building a database of license plates that include all school staffs and students who are allowed to park on campus, school administrators can monitor the vehicles that park on campus.

Illegal Parking:
Immediate alert and record for vehicles parking in bus lanes or special designated areas.