Video Analytics Solutions for Banking

Security is a part of every aspect of the retail banking environment including safes, retail transaction counters, ATMs, night deposit boxes and electronic and logical security. Robberies, burglaries, bank card frauds at ATMs and vandalism require swift reactions. Consider its significant time-saving quality, artificial intelligence video surveillance systems have become the best method to identify suspects and assist with incident investigations.


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Crime Prevention

Banks continue to be high-stake targets for criminals looking for a big payout. The security staff can only give out limited protection.

AI NVR Solutions
Video Search:
Detect people with weapons, such as gun, knife, baseball bat, etc, then send out the alert notification immediately.

Face Recognition:
By presetting the face database of the crimials and suspects, once their faces has been detected, the real-time alert will be sent to the security staff.

License Plate Recognition:
When a vehicle on a watchlist (e.g., stolen car, wanted car) appears around the bank, AI NVR will send real-time alerts to the security staff.

Intrusion Detection:
Set up intrusion detection ROI at the restricked entrance and area to prevent unwanted access.

Abnormality Detection:
Detect person loitering or crouching around bank entrance and ATM area.
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Crime Investigation

The traditional video surveillance system provides the recorded video to investigate the incident, but the security staff or police officers need to spend a lot of time looking through all video footages.

AI NVR Solutions
Video Search:
When the AI user enters specific search criteria, such as the color of the criminals’ clothing, their weapon, and some characters on the license plate of their car, within mere seconds, AI NVR will show the matched results for the time period of interest.

Video Playback:
All results come with a video clip playback of up to 1 minute before and after the detected event to provide the event detail and assist with further investigation.