McMarvin's AI Medical Research Partnering with Top Hospitals & Research Institutions

McMarvin is an Al consulting firm experienced in applying Artificial Intelligence to solve realworld problems.

McMarvin AI HealthCare Research

We're a team of Al researchers and machine Learning experts specialize in video analytics and natural Language processing, working together to advance the state of the art in Al for education, healthcare, surveillance, and IT industries. We use this cutting edge technologies for social benefit and scientific discovery, and collaborate with others on critical challenges, ensuring safety and ethics are the highest priority.

McMarvin is advancing the field through portfolio of research focused on three areas: Advancing Al, Scaling Al, and Trusting Al and we're also working to accelerate Al research through collaboration with Like-minded institutions and public/private sector organizations to make an impact in the society. Our philosophy is delivering value from Al and ML, notjust a fancy results presentation but tangible social impact.

Partnership with Hospitals

AI has countless applications in healthcare. Whether it’s being used to discover links between genetic codes, to power surgical robots, radiology support or even to maximize hospital efficiency, AI has been a boon to the healthcare industry. McMarvin is looking forward to partner with the top hospitals and research institutes to work together by technologies and data for the betterment of healthcare industry. If opportunity given to collabarate, We would bring innovative solutions.